ForLift™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit
ForLift™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit
ForLift™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit
ForLift™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit
ForLift™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit

ForLift™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit

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Imagine waking up to perfectly curled lashes every day without the need to constantly maintain them. The ForLash Lash Lifting Kit using silicon pads to perm your lashes instead of a traditional roller. They're easier to work with and make less of a mess.



It's time to grab this perfect toolkit to create a beautiful curl to your natural eyelashes! It's simple as curling your hair. The ForLash Lash Lifting Kit is a safe and long-lasting alternative to daily eyelash curling. With no make-up required, this treatment uses a perm lotion to curl lashes and will last for weeks.

The ForLash Lash Lifting Kit is everything you need to ALWAYS have beautifully curled lashes without needing a curler, eyelash extensions, or mascara.

Wave bye-bye to broken lashes and messy mascara! 

  • PROFESSIONAL EYELASH PERMING KIT. Perfect for people who crave that extra curl for their natural lashes.
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE. Made of premium quality ingredients, your lashes will remain curled for weeks.
  • LARGE EYELASH LIFT KIT. This kit has more value than the others on the market. It can be used up to 20 times.

The Perm Lotion is a curling agent that allows the eyelash to curl Naturally beautiful.

Setting Lotion allows the lash to keep its curl for 3 months approx (the life of a natural lash).

Silicon Lift Pads x 5 (medium and large) provides an excellent curling angle to fix the eyelashes. All is very easy to use.

The Glue is specially formulated for use with the silicon pads. A mild gentle scent and low irritation that does not produce those annoying hard to remove white flakes.


Directions are given on the back of the box.

Additional Information

Suitable For Professional:

1. New Technique Eyelash Perming Kit. No need for Lash Rollers. Contains:- 

2. Perm Lotion. Resealable 

3 Setting Lotion. Resealable 

4. Nourishing Agent. Resealable 

5. Silicon Pads. 10 x Medium and 10 x Large. Reusable. 

6. Glue for Silicon Pads. Resealable.

1. Full instruction is on the back of the Box. 

2. Store in cool Sun Free environment to extend glue life. 

3. Immediately reseal after using glue, Perm lotion, etc.. 


CAUTION when using solutions close to the eyes. Can cause damage if used incorrectly. If the solutions get into eyes flush with cool water for 5 minutes or until gone. If the problem persists go to a professional. Forchics is not responsible for misuse or damage caused by this product.

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